Cherie Amour

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Book Description

Since childhood, Jasmine Ashford had a twisted perception of love. After watching her father look for love in the streets, while her mother looked for love at the bottom of the bottle, she vowed never to fall victim of love’s cruel ways. That is until she befriends, Jamaal. 

Jamaal Davis gave his heart to one woman, and she left him without looking back. After years apart, she comes back with hopes of rekindling an old flame; the only problem is that his heart belongs to someone else, his best friend, Jasmine.

Their mutual disdain for love and relationships was the foundation of their friendship. When Jamaal’s notices his platonic feelings for Jasmine growing into more he has a hard time ignoring them. Jasmine, on the other hand, has a hard time accepting the sudden shift in their friendship.

What will it take for Jasmine to see that Jamaal was made to love her?

Book Review:

This book covers the story of Jasmine and Jamaal and boy is it a story. I feel like everybody knows at least one person who is essentially the Grinch when it comes to love. Like straight F love and everything, it stands for. What was interesting to me in this novel was the fact that both the main characters were essentially the Grinch and they bonded by their pure disgust of love.  Throughout the book, you see how their relationship shifts and they tap dance on the line of more than friends. Jasmine worked my nerves okay. I just wanted her to get it together. Jamaal was apprehensive about perusing more but it’s something about a man and the effort he puts forth that speaks volumes. Listen, Jasmine !!! There are women who can get a carton of oodles and noodles when the sick. Jamaal hoped on a plane you hear me A PLANE!! Any man that bends backward for you as just a friend, would defiantly move mountains for you as your man. After other people presented their interested in both Jamaal and Jasmine I was beginning to lose hope but Sheesh they finally got it together. They were meant for each other honestly and everyone could see it but them. Jamaal’s dynamic with his family was another soft spot. I Love a man that loves his mother and Jamaal finally was able to mend an important relationship and I’m glad for that. Overall Jasmine and Jamaal were just too damn cute. They’re dynamic match with Kameron (Jamaal’s brother) and Iesha (Jasmines Best friend) gave me straight vibes. This book is another Great read By D.Rose and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us. To purchase Cherie Amour I have linked the place to find it, in the cover photo of this review. Till next time


Hearts Don’t Break Even

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Book Description:

I wasn’t ready to date again. 
Love another man and give him all of me again. 
In fact, I was still dealing with the broken heart my ex-fiancé left me with. 
Time doesn’t heal all wounds… hardly any if you asked me. What time did do though, was give me a chance to find myself. I thought I was madly in love when really, I just loved the idea of it. 
I still do. 
I’m a hopeful romantic and loved knowing that one day I’d be a man’s everything, get married and start a family of our own. It was on my list of things to do before I was called home. With the abrupt death of my Aunt, the realization of time stopping for no one hit me. I didn’t have time to sulk in my sorrows anymore. 
And, Rashad wouldn’t let me. 
He wanted me… baggage and all. To fulfill every need that had gone unmet with what’s his name.
He wanted me… smart mouth and all. Insecurities and all… 
Because his heart had been broken too. So, we connected even though I wasn’t ready for us too. Sometimes, men were just extra baggage, and Lord knows I didn’t need that but was Rashad worth it? Could he and I possibly seal our shattered hearts together and master loving again? I was ready to take that risk and find out. 

Book Review:

So if you look at Brix McQueen’s Author description on amazon it describes her as “an imaginative , fresh face in the writing industry. Though new on the scene, her love for penning freaky, fun, jaw-dropping romantic tales has always been a pastime of hers” and what a perfect description it is! Brix comes out the game blazing with first release titled Just Say Yes. Her follow up book Hearts Dont Break Even does not disappoint y’all hear me ? You can kind of say that its a spin off from Just Say Yes but its certainly can be read as standalone ( I personally suggest reading Just Say Yes). So this story follows Raven and Rashad on their journey and what a journey it was! Raven is independent, sassy and literally everyone has a Raven in their life. That strong friend that seems to have it all together but really is the most sensitive.. That’s Raven. Shes been hurt but is learning how to deal and potentially let someone else, someone new in. In walks Rashad, anyone who has read my previous reviews knows I am a sucker for a jackass and Rashad screamed jackass lol. but it turns out he was everything but that. Rashad has a story, one that makes him 100% all man and that is exactly what Raven needed after dealing with tragic situation which was her last relationship. In all honesty her EX deserves someone to put the paws on him but I feel like that would be a waste as well. The Love Rashad and Raven find in each other however is the biggest victory for them all. Best revenge is happiness and seeing these two navigate their way there was so great. Hearts Don’t Break Even is full of wittiness, laughter, steaminess and just a great read. Hopefully we can revisit them if we get another “spin off” but check out Hearts Don’t Break Even, come back and comment to let me know what you thought of it. Where to purchased is linked in the cover picture as well.

My Love For You Always

My Love For You Always Cover ; Linked to where to purchase

Book Description:

Is love worth it? That’s a question that has Kinsley’s mind spinning just months before her wedding to Jaxon. When an outside force threatens the very core of their relationship, Kinsley is worried that maybe marriage isn’t in their cards.

While Kinsley is navigating through the what ifs of love, Damien has his own vice. Will he ever find love? After an avoidable distraction, Damien crashes into a bigger distraction, A’Myra Gray. She’s on the run and is looking for a sign to stop. Falling in love with Damien and getting consumed by his plan wasn’t her plan. But Damien’s trance is one she can’t shake herself out of. With the fear of her past haunting her, she attempts to pull herself away from him, but Damien’s love refuses to let her go.

With the clock winding down until the “I do’s” and Damien’s flame for A’Myra growing, will love win? Or will the uncontrollable forces derail the couples for good?

Find out in My Love for You, Always!

Book Review:

Jaxon…. Jaxonn….Jaxonnn… (insert forehead slap) Yes we are starting this review off like that because Jaxon is a whole mess this go around. So My Love For You Always is part three of a three part installment series that ah let me just say I fell in love with from the Kinsley’s and Jaxon’s story from the jump. Their dynamic was super cute and actually totally relate to anyone who has experienced having a male “best friend” and possibly being on the fence about being more than just friends. I can NOT give a through review if I don’t go into detail about the previous books so here is my DISCLAIMER *SPOILER ALERT* if you have not read books 1-2 I suggest you don’t continue. Okay now that is out the way. Kinsley and Jaxon were super cute and totally in sync with each other all along having these hidden feelings until one night they were so hidden and thing went totally haywire. Jaxon has always had a problem with facing confrontation and this is what gets him in trouble in all three books. Book one was not being honest about having a relationship with Jasmine and Book 2 not being honest about not wanting to be in a relationship with Jasmine. I was so ready to see how Kinsley and Jaxon found their way back in love considering the roller-coaster of events. I’m glad Jaxon stepped and Kinsley let her guard down the receive what Jaxon was trying to do. Now in the same breath I was so scared of him damaging her further. When little Ms. Jasmine popped back up I was sure that she would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back type thing because she was certainly a deal breaker for Kinsley as she should be. Honesty is key and i feel as though if Jaxon could of been more forthcoming with the extent of bull that Jasmine threw their way wouldn’t even have a the opportunity to make a dent in their relationship. I’m glad the truth finally came out and they were able to finally get their shit together because if not i would of been BIG MAD OKAY! One focal point that surprised me was the dynamic Damien played in this book. I honestly would love a full book of Damien and A’Myra’s story. Overall this book was a delight and the perfect ending to the My Love for You series. The whole series is well written and flows. If your a sucker for a good romance with the sprinkle of ups and downs this series is one you should certainly dive into. Aubree Pynn is a amazing writer who I see so much potential to produce so many more wonderful writings and I can’t wait to see what’s next from her!


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Book Description:

It wasn’t too long ago that I would have told you I was too smart to fall for the friends-with-benefits okie doke. I would have said it was a setup that was doomed to fail each and every time. I had friends who had been there, done that, and got the keyed car and broken windows to prove it. I didn’t need to experience it for myself to know that I was good on that. That’s what I would have said before if anyone wanted to know my opinion. In a way, I still thought like that, except…

I’d known Aisha since I was thirteen years old and if you would have asked me, I would have said I knew her pretty well. That couldn’t have been further from the truth, and when she revealed some things to me—things I had somehow missed over all these years—I found myself uttering words I never thought I’d say. It was just an agreement. You could almost call it a selfless act on my part. I was just being a good friend.

The thing was, I forgot who drew the lines in the sand and before long I found myself caught up in the more-than-friendly benefits with my very good friend.

Book Review:

Benefriends is written by Chencia C. Higgins and this is my first read from this Author and I am pleasantly surprised. This book gave me straight vibes and I just don’t know how to explain it in words. Usually when a author gives that “this is a short read” spill I’m usually content after I read it. However with Benefriends that is not the case. I WANT MORE you hear me. Like you cant make me fall in love with such a dope little group of friends and snatch them out my life like that. I need more !!! Who don’t love a dope dynamic of friends such as the one’s in this book. They get together once a month for their kickback, they have super trill conversations and food and they still live their grown adult lives. LIKE HELLO SIGN ME UP lol. So when Shad and Aisha stumbled naked into the “benefriends” territory my main question was what took them so long? Like they seem perfect for each other and obviously they were just to blind to see how good chemistry could turn into great chemistry but I am glad that they finally did. Although the level of overthinking or was it under-thinking on Shads part could of ruined everything I’m glad he realized that good thing when he saw it and decided to hold on that good thing. I would love to see how their relationship turned out hence the I WANT MORE but this was such a cute short story and I enjoyed the read. So if short stories are your thing and you like a little bit of freaky steaminess check out Benefriends by Chencia C Higgins and as usual I have linked where to purchase in the cover photo.

Until My Heart Stops

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Book Description

I never needed to be rich. I only needed to be happy.” – Kenzino Kennedy 
Professional athlete, Kenzino Kennedy, had everything, then he had nothing. A trip to his grandmother’s hometown provides him with the freedom he needs to answer a simple question – if he strips himself of his ego, who will he be?
Park Carr was the small-town girl who saw life through a kaleidoscope. Everything was beautiful until it wasn’t. Despite having her heart broken, she’s determined to keep herself open to love, but there’s just one problem: she’s the victim of a vicious rumor that keeps her holed up at home.
He’s a retired NFL player with a desire to dance. She’s newly unemployed but hopeful. Together, they have the opportunity to put love to the test so long as they trust their hearts long enough to see that love can be unconditional when it’s done right. However, when done wrong, the damage can be just as fatal as when the heart stops.

Book Review:

This was honestly such a beautiful story that had sooo many hidden gems that you can easily relate to. Once I got past the leading lady’s name she instantly became my best friend and I was rooting for her success and happiness throughout the entire book. Something about Park resonated with me. She was truly a black sheep and although I would have handled a lot of situations she encountered differently in my real life I am so proud of the progression of Park as a woman. She was on the timid side when it came to sticking up for herself especially when it came to those who were supposed to mean the most to her…family.  By realizing that we can see where Kenzino and she quickly found something that they had in common. Let’s be honest regardless of Kenzino’s ability to pop off when it came to Park he didn’t have that same energy when it came to his own situation. If he realized that sooner they probably wouldn’t have had as many issues as they eventually did, but I’m glad they went through those rain storms because it taught them a lot… Not just about themselves but about each other as well. Although Kenzino seems like such an amazing guy…. The amount of nervessss he worked are in strong competition to the love I grew for him as a character let me tell you but I’m glad he got it all the way together. This book has several supporting characters that mold the relationship of Park and Kenzino both positively and negatively. There is the amazing Ms. Sadie Grace who if I’m being honest, everyone needs a “big mama” that can talk some sense into you. OKAYYY then there is Keri & Daniel who are a whole other novel in themselves with their messiness but let me just say Keri should have caught some hands for all the crap she pulled. Both their parents (insert major eye roll) that’s all I have to say about that. Let’s not forget Bay and Noble who were my favorite couple of January 2019 when they were debuted in “some odd hour” I was super happy to catch up with them a little.

Ultimately Until my heart stops; teaches you that once you free yourself from the restraints of other expectations of you, it’s amazing how free you can be. More people need to experience the feeling of living for yourself and doing what you love. It is Ok to count yourself out only if you are prepared to rebuild what you think may have been a loss and that loss could really be God aligning you for your destiny.
So be sure to pick up Mycah Edwards new release and check it out for yourself. I would also recommend checking out Some odd hour (maybe even first) to get the back story on them since they pop up here and there in until my heart stop (it’s not necessary) but they are both great reads so why not?

Displacement Review

Alexandra Warren has by far been riding steady in my top 10 favorite contemporary romance novella composers for the past couple of years. Her latest installment of The Building 402 Novella series is entitled Displacement and honeyyyy when I tell you Nic and Monte are everything and story gave me LIFE!! I couldn’t put it down and as a mother of a super intense and overly active, self proclaimed Power puff girl, I was able to finish this book in a couple of hours so that says ALOT. Nic was a whole mood, she didn’t allow the series of truly crappy  circumstances stop her shine. Not even in a instance when her life decisions were looked down upon. She never let her crown slip. As for Monte, I’m so glad he was able to finally go after what he’s been wanting all along because let’s be honest, Monte Is totally swoon worthy #MBJVibes. I also really appreciate the ability to catch up on the other tenants of building 402 from previous installments. Another amazing read from Ms. Alexandra Warren herself and I would definitely recommend reading the previous 402 Novellas to capture the full experience and understanding of Displacement!!!

Bonded by Fate ( Because of Her Book 1)

Bonded by Fate Cover: Where to purchase is linked in the picture


One fire.
Two souls.

Legend has it, the Phoenix is known for life, death, rebirth, and healing. Phoenix Wells’ life doesn’t really seem to begin until she experiences the ashes and finds herself in need of a couple of those meanings. When a fire ravages her apartment building, secrets are planted in her heart, and a loss of words uncovers her passion.

Immanuel Owens, better known as Iman of “The Camp”, is at the peak of his career, but he lost everything he had to get there. He can dance, rap, and have just about any woman he wants, but what happens when none of those women are what he really needs?

Immanuel and Phoenix only cross paths for mere minutes in the midst of flaming destruction, but that exchange could hold the power to bond them for a lifetime. With her life in his hands, Immanuel develops an innate need to never let go.

So, what happens when letting go is the only hope?

Please note: This is a standalone series. Each book features a different couple. No book ends with a cliffhanger. 

Book Review:

Author Lex C truly has a gift when it comes to making her ideas come to life and I was so INTO this book. This book captured me from start to finish. Immanuel and Phoenix have such an unheard of connection for all the unlikely but right reasons. Phoenix is BAD you hear me and what makes her so darn amazing in my eyes is the fact that she doesn’t even see how hard she shines. Her past has shaped her to be something sort of amazing and the way she falls unapologetically makes her a character to remember. Now for Immanuel, his transition from beginning to end has me asking where I can find one!!  I would always say you can’t turn a hoe into a husband but for Immanuel, I’ll let that saying die. Immanuel followed his instincts even with the ones around having MAJOR apprehensions. He followed his heart and it leads it to the thing he’s been missing and longing for this whole time. At the end of the book, I found myself wanting more on Phoenix and Immanuel’s “future” but this is Book 1 of the Because of Her Series so I’m sure we will meet again. The supporting cast of this book seems to also have their own stories apart from the collective groups’ journey and I cannot wait to read what happens with them…. Especially Harlow, I seem to have a soft spot for him regardless of how much of a jerk he seems.